Megaupload founder Kim Schmitz sees Bitcoin Cash above $ 3,000 in 2021

Its use as a means of payment by online retailers and consumers will push Bitcoin Cash higher, according to Kim Dotcom.

Kim Schmitz alias Kim Dotcom, the notorious German entrepreneur and operator of the former file sharing portal Megaupload, advertises the advantages of Bitcoin Cash and also finds words of praise for Bitcoin

In a corresponding tweet to his more than 700,000 followers , Schmitz predicts that the Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) price will gain 867% in 2021 and climb to more than 3,000 US dollars. That’s why he wants to run BCH on his own blockchain platform called in the future .

He cites the reason for his optimistic forecast that more and more online retailers are accepting crypto currencies. Their priority would be low costs and speed, in his opinion the best prerequisites for Bitcoin Cash.

Kim Dotcom has repeatedly expressed himself positively about Bitcoin ( BTC ) in the past and now he is again praising the market leader by attesting it to be a „great store of value“. However, he also adds that he sees Bitcoin Cash as a better means of payment.

Bitcoin’s “little brother” emerged from a spin-off of the market-leading crypto currency, with a focus on its use as a means of payment, which at least superficially confirms Schmitz’s thesis

In an answer to the crypto expert Tone Vays, the former Megaupload operator pointed out that the number of online retailers who now accept BCH is „steadily increasing“. At the same time, adoption would continue to advance through the mainstream.

“The winners in the crypto industry are determined by online retailers and users,” as Schmitz says in this context . To this end he explains:

“What do online retailers and users want? They want low costs, fast transactions, high security, and ease of use. Ultimately, online retailers and users do not care about the formation of groups within the crypto industry. “

The latest remarks by the controversial company come shortly after Roger Ver, who is known as a particularly great advocate of Bitcoin Cash, reported that the Bitcoin offshoot within the „Bitcoin Cash mutual fund“ of the crypto asset management Grayscale „for $ 6,000 per piece „is traded. The company manages almost $ 15.3 billion in crypto assets, of which less than 0.5% is invested in Bitcoin Cash mutual funds.

At press time, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 309.98, up 19.5% over the past week.