Astar 2.0 Vision: Web3 Mass Adoption for Billions of Users

• Astar Network is introducing the ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ to drive mass adoption of Web3 to billions of users.
• The ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ will align tokenomics, organizational structure, and technology pillars to achieve its mission.
• Astar Link will connect fragmented layers of the blockchain industry while Startale Labs and Astar Foundation support it.

Astar Network Unveils ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘

Astar Network is delighted to introduce the ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘, a long-term direction that aims to drive Web3 mass adoption for billions of users around the world.

Aligns Tokenomics, Technology Pillars

The ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘ sets a long-term direction for the rapidly-growing Astar ecosystem by aligning its tokenomics, organizational structure, and key pillars of technology with its mission of enabling Web3 innovations that empower people worldwide.

Revamps Current Tokenomics

To better serve network participants from users and builders to enterprise partners, Astar Network will revamp its current tokenomics with valuable input from the community in forums discussed by the DAO. This redesigned ASTR token is essential for ensuring a sustainable future of growth and success on the platform.

Connects Fragmented Layers Of Blockchain Industry

With customizable options and tailor-made SDKs, developers can use Astar Link to create limitless solutions ranging from gaming to enterprise use cases that are only possible by linking different ecosystems together.

Organizations Supporting AStar Network

Startale Labs is an enterprise arm that helps users and businesses embrace blockchain in Japan by building innovative products for widespread adoption of Web3 technologies, while the AStar Foundation serves as main contributor and maintainer of the network as well as hosting forums for discussion among members in order to gain valuable insights into how best serve them going forward.